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The Network 2000




Joe Robot

It has a beginning.
It has an end.
It's a beautiful story,
but it's pretend.
It keeps us loving.
It makes us cry.

It's alive,
it's Joe Robot.
The tin can
of Joe Robot.

Where is it going?
Where has it been?
It's a Trojan Horse.
Or is it a friend?

It's alive,
it's Joe Robot.
The tin can
of Joe Robot.

Joe Robot...

Transistors Gone Wild

This is age of make-believe
or a reality series
television under seige
dreaming of tomorrow
am I alive or fantasy

give me murder give me lies
turn the cities into dust man

my brain is melting
and it smells like a volcano

Japanimation surgery
drinking nuclear energy
reservoir still in toxic shock
there's no tomorrow
drinking nuclear energy

transistors gone wild


you're a technical whiz,
masturbating with computers
for a legion of kids.

you're a solid state,
a microchip and designer tape.

Oh Reto,
where did you come from?
With transistors and a keyboard
you're a virtual gun.

is there something wrong?
The bigger wired robot
is still using its probe
When life's behind the screen
of an agorophobe.

Oh Reto,
artificial life,
a new computer and a brand new wife.

Oh Reto,
can you process this?
A girlfriend in a coma having cyber sex.
Gamble it away with computer chips.

Oh no

Knowing where we're going
(Where do we go?)

Oh Reto,
Are you future smart?
Fiber optics cybercloptic digital heart.

can you cypher me?
Eight zero two eleven B.

Oh Reto,
it's a stripped down world
like muriatic acid in a toilet bowl.

it's an SOS
we're microwaving signals like a scientist.
Our bit-rate is shrinking to a non-existant.

Oh no
Knowing where we're going
(Where do we go?)

Where do we go, Reto?

Supermodel Robots

Not quite a fembot
but almost an alien,
she's in the smell of the month club
I feel it in my lungs.

Lesbian junkie funky
slam dunk a cosmonaut,
laser guns and having fun
biological parking lot.

All systems down...

So titty-twist a mad scientist,
oh is this the toxic ride?
Wrap me up in a plastic bag
and hang me out to dry.

Artificial respiration,
I need my medication.
Load me up and light a match.
all systems down and out.

It's down and out...

Money Money 2020

Bloody gang of
three deep divisions
the bad blood's
because of war
bitter rival
bloody gang of
three deep divisions

Money Money 2020
Money Money 2020


Hey this Brandon but my friends call me Spike now.
I just moved out my parents' house in Danville
to this wicked warehouse in Oakland.
Anyway I spent most of the day spare-changing on the avenue.
I started out infront of the Med
but everyone kept saying I looked too young and healthy
so I went up the street to the Gap where all the
yuppie college kids shop
I was there until about 5:30 or 6
I scored about 10 bucks
so me and my girlfriend, you met her, she's from La Jolla
anyway, we got some money from her parents
so we're gonna stop by because

I need a fix

What's that?
Now's not a good time?
What do you mean there's none left?
Well what the fuck dude?
If I would have known that I would have gone to Concord.
What do you mean go back to Concord then?
Dude you don't even know who you're talking to.
Don't make me get all blackhawk on your ass.
wait man I didn't mean that.
C'mon dude, please?
Alright man.
wait wait wait wait
Do you know anyone that's got any?
Do you got a number?
What do you mean you won't give it to me?
I didn't call for a shitty conversation,
I called because

I need a fix

Man I got it rough
when drinking cough syrup
just ain't enough
On and on
I'm a teenage rebel
I'm fucking bored

Mom, this is Spi, I mean Brandon.
I got kicked out of my place in Oakland.
I don't really have any place to go so
I was just wondering if I could stay with you or Grandma or something?
I don't know.
My girlfriend dumped me she moved back to La Jolla, it's kind of a drag.
I guess she's gonna go back to school or something.
Anyway call me back.
Oh, one more thing Mom,
I was wondering if I could borrow $200 because

I need a fix

I'm a teenage rebel

Love And Money

Spin a wheel
behind the mark
another deal
in the dark
in the red
and in the grey
with a kiss

on the take
at the zoo
sniffing glue

in a bind
in your mind
you're ok

then you crack

take a pill
wide awake
standing still
on the street

cut the cord
you're in debt
you're so bored
covered in sweat

kickin' in
with a grin
going out
with a bang

huffing fumes
walk the line
in my spine

then you crack

love and money
well spent
love and money
well spent

and then you crack

Right Hand-A-Rama

I'm taking a ride to the liquor store
I'm looking for a beer and a little bit more
I'm gonna spend all the money she had
on a nude girl in a dirty old magazine
50 cents cheaper than the real thing
even though it may be a little bit disgusting
can't call a bitch and it ain't got no drama
it's called a new sensation called the right hand-a-rama

I don't know why
I don't know why
It sure feels good
most every time


Pamela and her five sisters
are giving me a bad case of nasty blisters
a third degree burn going straight to my head
I guess my pipes are a little bit rusted
close encounters of the strangest kind
I got the heebee-jeebes for the hundredth time
It didn't work out the way it was planned
all I got now is a beer in my hand

I don't know why
I don't know why
It sure feels good
most every time

I'll tell you why



I don't believe in the apocalypse
I don't believe in the end of time
I don't believe in the solar eclipse
I don't believe in valentines

I don't believe I asked opinion
I don't believe I've searched the truth
I am not looking for a bargain
All I really believe in is you

I don't believe in everything I've read
I don't believe in promises
I don't believe in compromising
my own beliefs inside my head

Hungry Hungry

Shiny broken bottles
tall gorgeous models
hungry hungry models
on the runway

baby on your jacket
I see through that skirt
purple plastic earrings
finger down their throat

walking like a tiger
spinning at the end
hungry hungry models
on the runway

Hungry Hungry Models

Lucy's got a new dress
Jeannie's on the pill
Peggy's in pajamas
Stevie's kissing Jill

pretty little models
sitting by the pole
talking about fashion
hungry like the wolf

Spastic Society

Candy cane
null set
credit card


now we're living in a...

visual aid
air condition


now we're living in a
Spastic Society

glass eye


now we're living in a...



now we're living in a
Spastic Society

paper cut

and vicious


now we're living in a...


now we're living in a
Spastic Society

X-Ray Hamburger(German talking throughout)

as they stare into our flesh
at the end of what comes next
peering deep into the light
x-ray hamburgers tonight

_______ __________ ________ ______
in outer space

running decibel of scars
bits and pieces of our hearts

burn so hot beneath the light
x-ray hamburgers tonight

evolution of a race
in outer space

you're the change that had to come
as we stare into the sun
pane of glass we can see through
x-ray hamburger is you

x-ray hamburger to go

Hammer Of The Gods

See your face from afar
Projecting you into a star
Skin so pale and eyes so black
Are you ever coming back?

Do you feel...
(feel ali-ive)

Puritan inside your heart
Turning night into art
Decorum might get to you
Projecting you into a god

Do you feel...
(feel ali-ive)

Do you feel... the Hammer of the Gods?

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Joe Robot
Transistors Gone Wild
Supermodel Robots
Money Money 2020
Love And Money
Right Hand-O-Rama
Hungry Hungry
Spastic Society
X-Ray Hamburger
Hammer Of The Dogs

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